Hey. Nice to meet you, I’m Green Wuf. Don’t bother responding. I can’t hear you, but its great to meet you anyways. If you did respond, thanks for the effort!

As you might guess by the name, I am a student at North Carolina State University. I don’t take the school rivalries too seriously, so if you come from any one of the schools in the confusing tangle of “rivalries” here in North Carolina I welcome you just as much.

I’m a guy who loves being outdoors, doing things outdoors, and almost everything in or about it. I’m a big music fan (thanks to the three instruments that I play) and listen to almost everything. However, I am partial to classic rock, trop. rock (Jimmy Buffett, etc.), ska, and similar genres.

The Blog

During my most recent semester at NC State, I applied to, and landed an awesome internship on the Outer Banks. Many thanks go out to Mama Wuf, Papa Wuf, all the guys in girls in my pack of friends and everyone else who helped and encouraged me along the way.

This blog will be about my experiences not just with my internship, but anything cool that goes along with it. I’ll be writing about stuff seen and done in the field, cool stuff that happens in general, and good eats.

Because I like to keep things as laid back as possible and respect people’s views, controversial topics (politics, religion, etc…) will not be touched. Golden Rule.

So overall, nice to meet ya, and I hope you enjoy!


4 Responses to About

  1. We found him Captain!! says:

    Hi Green,
    We got home from our cruise last night and settled in. This morning I found your blog. Nice work!! Hope you have an exciting internship which leads to bigger and better things for you.
    looking forward to reading more of your “stuff” as things start to unfold. Come to see us soon…

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