If I Wasn’t Going Into the Field, I’d Probably be a Teacher (7/16 – 7/22)

The main reason I chose the field I’m in and studying for is to be out, active, and making a difference for the environment with my own hands and the things I’ve learned. As the title says, I learned something this last week. If I wasn’t so interested in doing studies in the field, I’d probably want to find someway to educate kids on the topic.

Now I know

It’s sort of an odd realization, considering I always felt bad for my high school teachers for what some students put them through, and some of my middle school teachers for what I kinda put them through at that time. I always wondered why one would go through a career that seemed to have so much frustration. I always thought I’ll never do that. This Wednesday my co-intern, supervisor, and I held and educational walk down at one of the sites. It was intended for any age so we had a good mix of people including little kids. At the end of the talk (at the end of the boardwalk), I walked out in to the marsh and caught some insects and spiders to show the kids. I talked about them as I showed them to the kids (and the grossed out parents). As I finished talking about each damselfly or dragonfly I caught, I asked for a kid to hold out their hand. I placed the bug in their hand. It usually stayed a second or two then flew off. I guess having four-foot giants and a five-foot ten inch giant around you would scare you if you were a bug. But I noticed something as the kids watched the bug fly away. They were fascinated with the bugs, with the cool things around them that I brought to their attention, that perhaps they didn’t know about or notice. The amazement and wonder they showed; it was almost like I showed them some kind of magic trick. Now I know. Now I know that I’d probably be a science teacher if I wasn’t in this field, but now I know why my teachers put up with so much. That for every kid out there that seems unwilling to learn, there is another waiting to find what they truly want to do in life. They just need to be shown whats out there. Now I know; and thank you.

Bugs in a jar, dead birds, and fermented apple and tomato paste: the rest of my work week.

The majority of my work week was pretty usual. Checking traps and taking measurements.

Its decompirific!

I prepared a bait to use in my bug traps. It’s mashed up fermenting apple and tomato. Appetizing isn’t it? It smelled nice compared to some other thing I’ve smelled on this job.

Dragonflies love pickles.

My co-intern, supervisor, and I also took a day with another biologist to scout out and identify some butterflies and other insects in Kitty Hawk.

Finally, I got the chance to work with a park ranger on Friday to scout out, catalog, and tag any dead birds we found on a beach for population research. I’m proud to say, none were found. I don’t know why I say proud though. I had no hand in the bird’s lives.

Everyone but you

Blueberry black. Nothing added. Stirred not shaken…. Wait.

I did a lot of stand up paddle boarding over the weekend. I guess slowly paddling down a calm stream or marsh has something to do with the rest of who I am. You know, the ultimate-playing, ukelele-strumming, tea-drinking, nature guy. That’s right I drink tea.

On Sunday a few of the UNC people and I went to a local ice cream shop on the island. It was homemade. The real good stuff.  Apparently there is a thing going on in Manteo that if you can find a six-inch waldo cut-out in 12 stores you can enter your name to get a where’s waldo book. This ice cream store was participating. We made it our mission to find this one. Out of the six people who came, five found him. I found him. I feel bad for the girl who never found him. Ironically she was the most active searcher. If you’re in Manteo and find that ice cream shop, here’s a hint: soda cans. Here’s another: Get the Hershey’s peanut butter cup and rocky road flavors.

Well, that’s about it. As the summer is starting to wind down, I’m considering writing another blog just about stuff. Descriptive right? Once I get it going, I’ll tell you guys, for those that are interested.

I’m happy and I hope you’re happy too.


About Green Wuf

I wear a lot of hats. Physically and metaphorically. Scientist, band member, runner, weight lifter, gamer, volunteer. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, as long as I am. I'm nothing extraordinary, just not ordinary.
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9 Responses to If I Wasn’t Going Into the Field, I’d Probably be a Teacher (7/16 – 7/22)

  1. I used to have a pretend “feud” going with the science teachers on my team because they were always so much more popular than the English teacher. Kids love to feed the pet lizard, play with snakes and make marshmallow-and-toothpick physics doo-hickeys. Most do not love writing essays.

    There are lots of outdoor education programs that need people who love science and kids. I’m just sayin’.

    Decompirific is a pretty groovy word.

    • Green Wuf says:

      I have to say, a few of my favorite teachers in high school were English teachers. They did have the classes with more of the essays, but to me, they were some of the more cool to talk to teachers.

      I’d love to volunteer for something like that, heck maybe even intern. Doing education programs I guess would be a big second choice if field work doesn’t work for some reason. I hope it does.

      Thanks it was either that or rot-tastic. It was a tough decision.

      • I am certain whatever you choose to do it will work. The Parents Wuf and Grandparents Wuf and Teachers Wuf have done their jobs well. It shows.

  2. omawarisan says:

    Well done, sir.

    Now that you know, and have given your thank you here, do not miss the chance to thank the teachers who helped you while you still know where they are. It will mean the world to them and you’ll be glad you did.

    Any chance of a uke solo during marching band season? Youve done the trombone/tuba swap during a show. I want trombone to uke and back to trombone.

    • Green Wuf says:

      Yeah. I agree. I believe fall break might be easiest.

      Tha’d be kind funny. Maybe if the “classic cartoons” show idea goes through, and maybe we’ll do Gigantor. The tune to that feels like there could be some kind of a uke part!

  3. Okasama says:

    Your inspiration was well said, ultmate-playing, ukelele strumming, tea drinking nature guy! Looking forward to your new blog!

  4. Debbie says:

    You’ve succeeded in learning something about yourself and growing up a bit in the process, young Wuf! There will always be a call for someone to share his (or her) knowledge with others. Maybe it doesn’t sound glamorous; maybe it won’t bring in the big bucks. But the hope that someone, somewhere will develop a similar interest to yours just might be meaningful enough. And who wouldn’t like having three months off in the summertime?! Now listen to Sir Oma — write just one Thank-You letter to a favorite teacher — while they’re still alive and you’re in a grateful spirit!

  5. Green Wuf says:

    Thank you. I agree, I entered my career ready for and glad that there is little glamor. Heck, I just spent my day in a swamp making my white socks black and I loved it!

    I’ve kept tabs with and visited a few teachers through college so far, but its only been a couple.You’re right, and I plan now on visiting them in person sometime this coming semester.

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