Schools Out For Summer! (5/10)

Bonus points to those who read the title like the Alice Cooper song.



Yes, I’m still alive! I apologize I haven’t been that active, but school is finally done for the year! Days of studying for final exams have not just left me with good grades, but a layer of facial hair, a desperation for hanging out, and a big hankering for good pizza. The pizza was solved tonight, the facial hair will be solved tomorrow morning, and the chill time has already begun.

Home Just In Time to Leave

As excited as I am to have some time just to hang out with friends and do absolutely no work, I’m equally excited to start the internship. The time is nearly upon me to leave for the Banks. I have about a week and a half until I head down and move into my rented room for the internship. In the down time between studying soils, cramming chemistry, and reviewing regulations for exams, I’ve been signing my final forms and planning the move-in times with the Parent Wufs.

We may actually end up celebrating my birthday a week earlier and on the Outer Banks, but who’d complain about that? Certainly not me. Beyond that, not much has been going on.

…Unless You’d Like Me to Outline the 12 Soil Orders?

No? Well, I’ve had enough of the soil orders I can take for a while anyways, so don’t worry. Soon, I’ll be writing on my internship and all the cool stuff that goes along with it. In the meantime, I’ll keep everyone up to date on things leading up to it, should they come up.

I look forward to experiencing new things in an old favorite place. I also look forward to sharing all my experiences with you all. Until then, I’ll just say good night, and good times!


About Green Wuf

I wear a lot of hats. Physically and metaphorically. Scientist, band member, runner, weight lifter, gamer, volunteer. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, as long as I am. I'm nothing extraordinary, just not ordinary.
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10 Responses to Schools Out For Summer! (5/10)

  1. omawarisan says:

    They added a 12th soil order?

  2. How many bonus points for the reading the title like Alice Cooper? Do I get extra points for reading, “It’s Alive!” like Gene Wilder?

    Sounds like exciting times are ahead!

    • Green Wuf says:

      I’m not sure. I’ll have to check with the judges on that. I believe its some kind of function of how close you get to it, how funny it sounded, and where you where if you read it out loud.

      I’m seriously ready to get over to the Banks. I believe they are!

  3. Debbie says:

    I know you’re glad at finishing your finals — that’s just plain difficult, any way you take it! Enjoy your “down” time because the work is piling up, just waiting for you!

    • Green Wuf says:

      Whew. I’ll tell ya, finals times are some of the most odd yet stressful times in college. In terms of the internship, let the work pile up! I love this kind of work. In terms of school, I’m ready for it; I’m just not ready to think about leaving the Banks when I haven’t even arrived yet! Ha!

  4. My Odd Family says:

    I am so confused! How many soils are there??

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