Paperwork, Interviews, and Cookie Cake: The Tale Behind the Tale Yet to be Written.

Or How I Came to Get My Internship.

I apologize for the long title, the NC State Wolf pack has made it to the sweet sixteen, I’m currently on the road with them (one of the perks of being in the pep band), and I am feeling awesome right now.

It’s Still Paperwork. Just on  a Computer Screen.

I guess the story of how I came to receive my internship starts with how most things begin (or end) in life;  people convincing other people to do things, and paperwork. Though, this is much better than some cases.

Though it was electronic, they're equivalent. At least I didn't get a paper cut. That would be odd. (Image via Wikipedia)

Just before the most recent Winter Break for my college, I started to apply to internships after being told to do so by the parent Wufs. I would have done it willingly, but paperwork (even electronic) combined with GIS busy work does not make a fun combination. I got through it however, with the support and experience of the parent Wufs, AND managed to get a A+ on a map I created detailing the extent of damage caused by an imaginary forest fire in a non-existent country. Not bad for a day’s work. I felt bad for the imaginary forest animals that must have suffered though.

Microbiologists Love Birds of Prey. Who Knew?

All of that electronic jumble paid off when I finally received an e-mail informing me that I’d be contacted soon via telephone to conduct interviews for the positions I applied for. With the help of the parent Wufs, I practiced interview questions, phone interview strategies, and general phone interview advice. You know, all the stuff that prepares and makes you nervous for your first job interviews.

This is Aragorn, I feed him fresh-cut mice, he listens to me. That's our deal. He made me sound good in an interview...I might have to throw in an extra mouse paw for him next time.

The interviews soon came. Some at eight in the morning. Some between my classes. All during times my brain was either fuzzy or fried. There were “D’OH!” moments, and good moments, but everything went well in the end. One of the interviews conducted was with a microbiologist who seemed particularly interested with my work experience at the Carolina Raptor Center. I never thought that I’d be describing food prep (Please. Don’t ask.) to a professional who works with things much smaller, but hey, this was a way to get some brownie points with someone who may end up being my boss.

Cookie Cake and the Fool in the Library

The interviews were soon over, and with them, some of the stress gone. But now it was the waiting game I had to play. As the days passed until the date I would be notified whether or not I would even receive an internship out of the three I applied for, the tension grew. I couldn’t wait, and I checked my e-mail daily hoping for an early response. No response came early.

Finally, judgement day. The official day of notification. I checked my e-mail hourly starting from 5:30 AM. The hours grew longer as each previous one passed. 12 hours later, I was on my way to Organic Chemistry tutoring at the library, when I decided to check my e-mail via my phone. The battery was low and I’d be lucky if my phone had enough power to check my inbox, but I figured I’d try anyway.

McFly had nothing on me. (Image via

I unlocked my phone. 2% battery. I tap the e-mail app. The app opens. 1%. I see a new e-mail with a title in caps lock “CONGRATULATIONS” and the word internship. 0%. My phone dies. It actually occurred in this manner. I decided to try to walk to the library faster to hopefully access a computer before my tutoring session. A new land-speed record was set by an unassisted 19 year-old male.

I got to a computer and loaded my e-mail just as my tutor (who I’ve been wanting to ask out) walked in. I read the contents and found that I got my first choice internship; the one in Kitty Hawk on the Outer Banks. I flipped. It’s not often I make a fool of myself in a public library, but when I do, I make sure it’s in front of someone I want to or have been dating…I’ll have to revise that policy.

After tutoring I got back and told everyone. The parent Wufs, The grandparent Wufs, my dorm suite mates, everyone. A few days later, my suite mates bought me a congratulatory cookie cake. I hadn’t had cookie cake since I was ten. They say some things in this world don’t last; a giant fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie cake in a college dorm full of eight hungry college-age guys at midnight is no exception.


I want to wrap up this post by thanking everyone. From all my friends and suite mates cheering me on, to my family’s love, help, and motivation, I couldn’t have done it without everyone. You all have my gratitude. I’ll do ya proud.


About Green Wuf

I wear a lot of hats. Physically and metaphorically. Scientist, band member, runner, weight lifter, gamer, volunteer. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, as long as I am. I'm nothing extraordinary, just not ordinary.
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12 Responses to Paperwork, Interviews, and Cookie Cake: The Tale Behind the Tale Yet to be Written.

  1. I’m sure the imaginary forest animals understand the imaginary fire was necessary in pursuit of the greater good — eventually to have you (not) working on their side.

    Except the imaginary forest mice. They’re probably a little wary of this connection between you and Aragom.

  2. omawarisan says:

    Make yourself proud. Everything else falls into place when you accomplish that.

  3. Betty says:

    Okay, Aragorn kind of looks like a bird that hovers over the wiener dog as we walk the neighborhood, so I’m a bit frightened. I’ve heard that dachshunds can look temptingly like rats to birds of prey.

    • Green Wuf says:

      Hmmm. I can’t really speak from experience, as I’m not really a bird of prey, but I think you’re safe. Dachshunds are a little bit bigger than what Peregrines normally eat; typically small birds. Also, Aragorn is fully grown too, and he isn’t that big if you’ve ever seen him in person. Hope your dog stays safe either way!

  4. Debbie says:

    Interesting to hear about the stresses of the internship process from somebody other than my son! He, too, is playing the waiting-game (not happily, I might add!). His being on pins and needles evokes a similar response from me. I’m sure you’ll do your family and yourself proud!

    • Green Wuf says:

      Thanks! Yeah, I wasn’t happy during the waiting game, and I can understand why your son isn’t either. Hope he gets what he wants though! Good luck!

  5. I can’t believe your phone died right then! Phone batteries are so inconsiderate.

    Sooooo…I know this is my first visit to your blog, but your dad can tell you that you can’t write about cookie cake or any other dessert unless you save a piece for me. Now you know for next time.

    Looking forward to reading more about your internship!

    • Green Wuf says:

      The nerve of technology now-a-days! Welcome and thanks for reading!
      I’d be glad to save you a piece, you just have to be able to come to Manteo to get it.

  6. We found him Captain!! says:

    Don’t forget to go back to your tutor and flip out once again…..This time tell her it’s because SHE is so cute… Nice blog! keep up the good work, being able to express yourself in writing is an art you will always need. You’re making a good start………Best wishes

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