Putting a Roof Over My Head (3/9-3/10)

As I write this, I just got back home from a long drive. Home from what you may ask? Why, none other than the place I’ll be interning! You haven’t read the About have you? If not, hey, no problem. I’m Green Wuf, I’m interning on the Outer Banks over the summer, this blog is gonna be about experiences over my internship, and thanks for reading!

Mama Wuf, Papa Wuf, and I went over to visit a place that could offer housing for me while I intern at the Outer Banks.

The Ride Up

I normally get up about 6:30 am (yeah, I’m a weird college guy), but we had to get up for the trip about 5:30 so we’d be there on time to tour the housing site. I know that’s only an hour difference, but I draw the line at 6. Trying to wake up was hard. I sympathize for everyone who has to wake up that early. Man…

We passed through cities, big open farm lands, and large areas of nothing but monotonous highway. I have to say though, the coolest parts were the small towns. Small communities are the coolest. Its awesome when every house you see has to have a minimum of two rocking chairs on the porch almost like it was a rule.

While We Were There…

After the six-hour drive was over, we ended up at one of the best sandwich shops in the area near where the housing was. Poor Richard’s is the best place to grab a sandwich by the docks. The next time you’re in Manteo, check it out. I recommend my personal favorite: the club with a side of onion rings. Whatever you order though, they don’t disappoint. Did I mention the onion rings?

After lunch we checked out the place where I’ll be staying for the internship. We weren’t expecting much at all, as the person in charge of it described it as a plain, old, dorm-looking building. We got there and found it just the opposite.

This is the place I'll be staying for the internship. What kind of dorm did the property manager stay at? This "dorm" looks nice! My college dorm looks like a jail.

The neighborhood was great and the inside of the building was very nice. There were even some common areas with TVs. Being a college guy, TV was a requirement.  Heck, I’d even have my own room! I’d be sharing a bathroom with one other person, but that is a welcome change from sharing one bathroom with SEVEN other college guys.

We later decided to check out one of the places I’d actually be working. The actual office was a little house tucked into a small back road community in a coastal reserve. We recognized the area from previous kayaking experience, and the area has some cool natural spots a bit further down the road.

The parent Wufs and I talked about the places over dinner later. The housing was so good that we decided to go ahead and sign up for it. Personally, I’m really excited. Staying in a nice place on the coast doing an internship on the beach in a topic I love? They say that if you do a job you like, you never work a day in your life. In that case, I’m really looking forward to getting to work not working.

The Ride Back Home

Headed home, the ride seemed just a little longer. Perhaps it was the organic chemistry I was studying or the crazy close basketball game (that ended in injustice I might add). Perhaps it was just the fact that we were leaving the beach.

Once getting back home, we visited Grandma and Grandpa Wuf to say hi before I go back to college (I forgot to mention I’m on spring break). They cooked dinner and we had a great time. We had a dish we like to call “beefy goodness.” Yes, it is as delicious as it sounds. Food doesn’t get that kind of title not being delicious.

We had a great time with this sort of on-a-whim trip. It was a great wrap up to my spring break, and as and as odd as it may sound, I can’t wait for my current college semester to end.

Note: There may be a bit more time between now and the next post (school must go on), but I’ll update my adventures as soon as something happens.


About Green Wuf

I wear a lot of hats. Physically and metaphorically. Scientist, band member, runner, weight lifter, gamer, volunteer. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, as long as I am. I'm nothing extraordinary, just not ordinary.
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14 Responses to Putting a Roof Over My Head (3/9-3/10)

  1. Lenore Diane says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Green Wuf. I look forward to reading about your internship. Between the scenery, the eateries and the dorm(eries), it looks like you’ve got yourself set!

    • Green Wuf says:

      Hi! Thank you much! Thanks giving my blog(ery) a look too! Yeah, I’m really looking forward to this. Though I have to say, this wouldn’t have happened without certain people including my parents (Mr. and Mrs. Oma). Anyways, nice to meet ya and thanks for coming over!

  2. Betty says:

    Nice digs and gig you’ll have. Best of luck to you!

  3. Your blog already has some of my favorite topics: the beach, kayaking, music, and club sandwiches. I’m looking forward to your stories.

    Congratulations on your internship and on finding a path that will lead to never having to work a day in your life. I know Mama Wuf, Papa Wuf, and the Granparents Wuf are mighty proud.

    • Green Wuf says:

      Some of the best stuff in the world! Ha! Thanks for giving my blog a look! I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences!

      Thank you! I love nature and I love science, so why not both?
      They are. Thank you so much. I have to say though, I wouldn’t have made it to this point without them.

      • Aye carumba! I meant “Grandparents.” Would you believe spelling is one of my few strong points?

        P.S. Since I consider you a Terp Once Removed, I’ve declared my home and my blog Wolfpack Territory, until football season. 🙂

      • Green Wuf says:

        Ha ha thanks! I’ve always cheered for the Terps when not for the Pack. I always cheer for my team first, but since I grew up with the Terps due to Papa Wuf, they’re my secondary team. We can use as much cheering as possible to take this all the way, so any help is much appreciated!

  4. Debbie says:

    Welcome to the blogging world (I found you through Papa Wuf — we have a bit in common: college sons in Band, for one). Congrats on your internship (my son is still working on getting the right one); speaking for the parental generation, what a relief! And to have found one where you can say, Wow, they actually PAY me to do what I love — well, that’s icing on the cake!

    • Green Wuf says:

      Thank you! I have to say, I feel kinda lucky that both the position even existed and to have made it! It is important to do something you love (parents are the best advice givers), so it was cool to get this. I wish your son the best of luck! I’m sure he’ll get a good one!

  5. Kathi D says:

    I look forward to reading about your adventures. You come highly recommended. By your dad. I know, you could have knocked me over with a feather, too.

    Oh, that is an expression used by old people, by the way.

    • Green Wuf says:

      Thanks, and glad you decided to give my blog a look! I look forward to getting to my internship and sharing all of my experiences! Papa Wuf does do that sometimes, but I do my best to make those recommendations more than just recommendations from parents. Yeah, I’ve heard that phrase before and I thought it was kinda a funny (in the cool sense) phrase to use.

  6. We found him Captain!! says:

    Does Poor Richard’s sandwich shop make a fresh mozzarella sandwich with thin slices of coppacola and imported provolone on panini toasted bread? If yes, I’ll drive over for lunch with you some day….

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