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Sorry I’ve gone missing everyone. I’ve been fine and I hope y’all have been too. College started and madness started too. Well, it’s the same thing, so lets just say college started. Anyways, instead of spending my evenings in front of the computer, I figured I’d be better off spending my evenings in front of a computer writing. I’ve started a new blog:

It’s not about school, or a job, or stuff I have to remember because I have to write a paper on it later. That’s already done and has been made into a riveting 4 page essay. It’s more topical stuff and junk that just happens (I can be more vague if that helps). Posts won’t be at a certain time just when ever stuff happens. Anyways, if you care to take a peek at what I’ve written so far that’s cool, if not, that’s cool too.

Either way, thanks for reading what I did over the summer. You guys are great.

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If I Wasn’t Going Into the Field, I’d Probably be a Teacher (7/16 – 7/22)

The main reason I chose the field I’m in and studying for is to be out, active, and making a difference for the environment with my own hands and the things I’ve learned. As the title says, I learned something this last week. If I wasn’t so interested in doing studies in the field, I’d probably want to find someway to educate kids on the topic. Continue reading

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What a week! (7/9 – 7/15)

It was a castle-building, bug-catching, stand-up paddle boarding, sign-replacing, fun-having, hard-working-week. Continue reading

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The Outer Banks: A Land Rich in Culture. And Weird Stuff. (6/25 – 7/8)

I propose that weird stuff is the Outer Bank’s main export. Not that its a bad thing. Its just like Jimmy Buffett said; If we weren’t all crazy we would go insane. Continue reading

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I Blame Technology (6/11-6/24)

Technology and I don’t usually get along. This is evident in the fact that many programs on my personal computer aren’t updated, I rarely use Skype, and that I still believe that by pressing the escape key on my keyboard I can instantly vanish from any problematic situation. Lately, the Wi-Fi (I believe it sands for Wireless Fi) here at the house has been acting up. I have spent many nights reasoning with it to try to get it to pull up even my e-mail, so I feel lucky that I was able to write this. I’m not able to post any pictures however, because negotiations fell through halfway through the talk. I apologize for missing last week’s post. I blame technology.

And now for something completely different. Continue reading

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Bugs, Horses, and Fish. Which One is Not Like the Others? (6/4 – 6/10)

Trick question. I left out the theater, sodas, and singing. Still don’t know? Well neither do I. If you figure it out, let me know. Continue reading

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The Time is Here! (5/26 – 6/3)

A Wuf arrives in Manteo

My parents and I arrived last Saturday after a six-hour drive from our house. Now, I’ve been on longer drives before, however, six hours is still not the most fun. At least in terms of length. However, when you meet fast food workers named Latrina (I kid you not) it makes it a little better. Perhaps if her brother Portojohn was there the drive through would have been faster… Continue reading

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